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And The Beat Goes On offers a variety of resources to help you plan for your special day. In addition to offering unlimited live consultations for your special day, at the bottom of this page is a link to our online wedding music selection database. This database represents a small portion of our overall music libraries, which currently is over 90,000 songs for each digital sound system we use.


Before beginning the music selection process, keep in mind these tips and company policies & guidelines:


For an average 6 hour wedding reception, here is an average time breakdown:

60 minutes: Cocktail hour

30 minutes: Introductions/Bridal Dances/Toasts/Blessings

90 minutes: Dinner



Instructions for using our Online Music Database:

1. Click on the "Music Selection Database" banner below

2. Once you are redirected, you can start selecting songs! You can either search by specific songs and artists, or view the entire database. either way, you will see yellow, red, and green buttons next to each song. By clicking on any button will select the song as such:

"Green"  - Indicates a "must play"

"Yellow" - Indicates a "play if you can fit it in or if it works with what the crowd is dancing to"

"Red" - Do not play under any circumstances

3. Whenever you want to save your list and log out of your session, click on the "Save My List" button. All you will need to do to create your Save settings is to enter your email address and wedding date, and that's it! Your list is saved!

4. To log back in, all you need to do is go to the database link below, and once you are redirected hit the "Load My List" button and enter the email address and date you used in step 3! At our end, we have full access to all clients lists and will print them out before your event.



Because we pride ourselves on our pre-event preparation and often make backup cds of all of your bridal dances and requested songs, it is company policy that ALL client music selections be submitted no later than 21 days before your event or your final details meeting, whichever comes first (this includes additional lists you have compiled not affiliated with this database). This will afford us the time and opportunity to properly prepare for your event.

Click here to access Music Selection Database




Click Below to Access Our Wedding Day Music & Event Planner

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